Saturday, April 22, 2006

Recap of Roy Harris 2006 Seminar in Jakarta.

Hi Guys, thanks for visiting. I had a chance to attend Roy Harris 2 days Jits seminar in Jakarta ( Roy is an excellent Jits and JKD instructor and has a lot to offer.
Below is what I can recall on the notes I got at
both the first and second day of the seminar, enjoy:

Roy Harris Seminar 2006 Jakarta
Day 1

Open Guard

1. Feet on biceps, circle out and in. (hips need to move).
2. He gets close, foot on bicep, shrimp-space.
3. He tries to swim with his arm, incercepts: High, push his biceps with the sole of your feet curl them down, he tries to swim Low,push with heel to armpits.
4. He drops ankles to floor, sit up, hip out, rocking chair down asyou pull your knees to chest.
5. He throws legs to the side, lift butt, post on shoulder, throw leg helicopter to guard.
6. Same,but go to turtle.weave head faraway and recoverto guard.
7. Training method from turtle: weave head far,post opposite leg, slide the other leg underneath to guard.
8. He passleg under, push his armpit as hipping out, helicopter toguard or take theback.
9. Circleout and in foryour knees.
10. Combat base pass over,block with far knee, stretchyour stomach, pull your bottoms legs toguard.
11. He stands up, use hooks with ankle and heel tofollow lateral movement and don’t forget to sit ups
12. Game guard passing and push game stops: push at the hip, biceps, triceps and headplus put all together (hooks, circle, knees, rotate, etc).

Day 2

1. From butterfly guard, seek underhook armpit and pinch with two forearms. Make sure your butt is away from him far enough. Then pull his shoulders towards your groin so that he feels your pressure. For you to know that you have put pressure,he will grin his face in pain or making sound in pain.Then, kick his opposite knee away so you can hook sweep for mount.

2. Same as above, but now you kick knee that is the same side as the shoulder that you underhook. Then you raise your elbow/forearm for sweep to mount.

3. Now, instead of underhook, you do an overhook. Make sure you overhook his armpit and that the side of your forearm to your fingertips are glued his body. Pull his arm into you and raise your wrist up so that you pinch him. Then you scoot your butt out 90degree to his body and drop your shoulder to the floor so that he feels pressure on his shoulder. Kick away his opposite knees and throw your other leg over him for a mount.

4. Same as above, you can also shoulder lock him if his other hand is flat on the floor 90 degree where he can’t rotate his body when you throw your leg over him. To lock, lift your hips up after you throw your leg over him.

5. Same as no.1, but now instead of sweeping him, you lock him with cutting armbar. As you drop your shoulder to the floor in preparation for the lock, make sure you grind his arm so that his thumb is facing your stomach. Remember,youneed to grab your own bicep before you lock so that your elbow is far from thefloor, so that when you lock him, you have enough space to pull. If you don’t have space to lock, shrimp away, using your ankle hooking his thigh, then go back pressure his back and arm.

6. Same as no.1, but now instead of cutting armbar, you regular armbar him. To doit, As you fall, you push his face and throw your shin and knee over his face facing the floor. Then, control his wrist to make sure that his pinky is facing your upper thigh., to lock just pull his arm up.

7. Now, your underhook and overhook attempts failed cause his elbows are so tight to his body. Now,you put your hand pushing his jaw as you post with the otherhand and raise your right knee to stepover your opponent thigh for a guard pass. Toprevent himtakingyour back,make sure you drop your bodyweight over his hip line,then go to sidecontrol.

8. Training drill: he tried to guard pass andwhen hegrab your ankle and shove it to the floor. Get up and underhook, armdrag or overhook him. Trainer count till 4 if the trainee is late, 30 push ups.

9. Same as no.7,but your opponent push your tricep away. Go for underhook and take his back. When he push low, make sure that your other hand is over your arm and seek his armpit for the armdrag.

10. Guard passing game plus groin kick and eyejabs while the top guy tries to punch the stomach.

11. Same as no.3, but your opponent rotate his arm so that he tries to escape your overhook. To stop him do a reverse figure four and pull his arm into your chest and hold it tight. He’ll be frustrated and straight his arm,you go back to overhook.


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Kalo gak pake gambar/foto pusing aku ngebayanginnya mas...

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Susah gambarnya Mas, habis dia gak kasih filmin juga sih. Hanya boleh rekam audioaja. Wis, makanya cepet latihan BJJ aja Mas, biar gampang bayanginnya :)

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