Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Progression with CM Defense,Part 1.

Hi Guys, today I would like to share with you my progression in learning and teaching Rodney King CM Defense ( system and how do I integrate them with other methods of training in order to be able to perform well at sparring.

My experience training with Rodney varies from his first visit in Singapore in 2003, my private sessions with him in 2005 and as well as his seminars, my sparring experiences as well as teaching.

Although Rodney has given many info on his DVDs, there are some observation that I got that has made my game a lot better regarding generating power and speed. I didn't get this at any of his instructionals. Igot this by watching and mimic him.

Probably the best way to explain my progression is to explain to you the way I teach CM to my clients because they are basically based on what I do and my interpertation inlearning and implementing it.

Whenever I teach CM or practice, I always start by getting the right hunchback posture position first before anything else. Once I got it then, the next thing is to pay attention to my balance, where at any moment, whenever I move anywhere,I always need to feel grounded and balance so that I can punch with full power at all times.

The way to get this is first to work on the footwork with a training partner where both of you face each other and move around. Make sure that your stomach is always face your opponent wherever he moves, this will make your hips square with his.
Why you need to this, it is better if you get Rodney's DVDs at, currently I will just lay out my format in implementing CM for myself and teaching it. Also as you move,you need to feel your body is grounded and in balanced always. Way to train this is to close your eyes and just move around using the footwork and stop at any moment and feel whether you're in balanced or not. If not, fix it right away.

Once you master this, then the nest step is to learn how to jabs and crosses from this position correctly with good mechanics. Rodney showed how to do this correctly in his DVDs( This is where the DVDs didn't address, which is weight distribution when you punch so that you generate a lot of power without overdoing it.

As you always lift your rear heel slightly, whenever you punch (jab for instance), you always have to push of with your rear foot in a slightly jumping motion so that after that jump, your weight is grounded deeply on both legs. Therefore, the timing that you need to get for getting the most power in your jab and cross is when both your feet is grounded on the floor. You'll feel that your body is kind of sinking into the ground. Thatis the best moment to deliver the straignt punches. Just remember,you need to jump first.

From here, get a training partner with focus mitts to work your jabs and crosses in sparring mode. ASk your partner to move around and close the palms of their focus mitts on his/her body. Then anytime he/she ready, lift those mitts facing you so that it gives you cue to start punching. Then, start again like that, do that at least 4-7 times.

From here, learn how to block jabs and crosses using CM,then go back to the focus mitts drill like the above, except now the feeder get the chance to hit your face with jabs and crosses as well.

In the next article, I'll write more regarding the progression of using performance games and incorporating other boxing combinations as well as other MMA moves.


Blogger mixedFighting said...

should I write this in English....? Oh tidak....!
Jantungku serasa "berhenti" saat membuka blog ini. Ternyata Yuri. Saya tidak (belum) comment on artikel. Tapi mewakili para penggemar MMA di Indonesia, saya mengucapkan buanyak terima kasih buat yg punya blog ini. Rasa haus atas info tentang martial arts semakin terobati.
Salut buat Yuri.
(Tapi gambarnya mana....?) Kasih dong...!

11:34 PM  
Blogger tigerwoods said...

Apakabar boss?
by the way,in bahasa Indonesia dong...maklum my english is below average nih...btw i heardd about your Crazy Monkey Gym !!! kasih info dong about it di sini ..pasti banyak yang ingin tahu.

11:15 PM  
Blogger mixedFighting said...

Kapan tuh DVD MMA-nya keluar...? Masak dari dulu cuma diiklanin mulu di web JKD. Keluarin segera.... atau.... :-)
Penasaran mas...!

R Munadji
Pembeli Pertama Buku MMA Yuri
(ini juga prestasi membanggakan lo buat saya!)

12:14 AM  
Blogger Yuri Amadin said...

Terima kasih sebelumnya. Maaf,ini pake Inggris karena pembacanya ya mau dari mana aja. Kalodua bahasa, capek aku kerjanya. Oh iya, yang maulatihan CM bisa datang ke Benhil hari Senin atau Rabu, tapi nanti khusus CM bakalan hari Selasa,Kamis. Untuk alamat dojo Yumitori,tolong telpon ke Milvan di 0816832104, Tks.

10:11 AM  
Blogger mixedFighting said...

he he he....
kalo yg sabtu sudah gak ada mas?

11:40 PM  

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